Recent Publications

Monitoring and Evaluation for Human Rights Organizations: Three Case Studies

Provides concrete examples of how to tackle the unique challenges of evaluating human rights work.

Rhonda Schlangen
January, 2014

Pathways for Change: 10 Theories to Inform Advocacy and Policy Change Efforts

This brief produced in collaboration with ORS Impact summarizes 10 theories grounded in social science about how policy change happens.

Sarah Stachowiak
November, 2013

Benchmarking Evaluation in Foundations: Do We Know What We Are Doing?

This journal article offers eight findings based on 2012 research about the positioning, resourcing, and function of evaluation in foundations. 

Julia Coffman, Tanya Beer, Patricia Patrizi, and Elizabeth Heid Thompson
July, 2013

Evaluation in Foundations: 2012 Benchmarking Data

This report for The Evaluation Roundtable examines how foundations structure their evaluation function, invest in evaluative activities, and use evaluative information.

Center for Evaluation Innovation
April, 2013

The Art of the Nudge: Five Practices for Developmental Evaluators

Marc Langlois, Natasha Blanchet-Cohen, and Tanya Beer present practices to help developmental evaluators detect and support opportunities for learning and adaptation leading to right-timed feedback.

Marc Langlois, Natasha Blanchet-Cohen, and Tanya Beer
March, 2013

Evaluating PreK-3rd Grade Reforms

Julia Coffman and Kristie Kauerz offer a model of how to think about and use evaluation at different stages in the development of a PreK-3rd effort. 

Julia Coffman and Kristie Kauerz
December, 2012

Evaluation for Models and Adaptive Initiatives

Heather Britt and Julia Coffman outline a framework for selecting evaluation approaches for two main types of grantmaking programs: models and adaptive initiatives.

Heather Britt and Julia Coffman
November, 2012

Civil Partnership and Ireland: How a Minority Achieved a Majority

This case study chronicles how Ireland advocates achieved civil partnership legislation and offers transferable lessons for any advocacy group trying to achieve legislative change.

Susan Parker
November, 2012