Recent Publications

Civil Partnership and Ireland: How a Minority Achieved a Majority

This case study chronicles how Ireland advocates achieved civil partnership legislation and offers transferable lessons for any advocacy group trying to achieve legislative change.

Susan Parker
November, 2012

Strategic Learning in Practice: Tools to Create the Space & Structure for Learning

Jewlya Lynn of Spark Policy Institute describes two practical tools that create the space and structure for strategic learning.

Jewlya Lynn
October, 2012

Evaluating Social Innovation

Hallie Preskill and Tanya Beer explore how grantmakers must reenvision evaluation so that social innovations have a better chance of success.

Hallie Preskill and Tanya Beer
August, 2012

Advocacy & Public Policy Grantmaking: Matching Process to Purpose

This brief summarizes advocacy and public policy grantmaking approaches and their implications for grant portfolios, auxiliary supports, and evaluation.  

Tanya Beer, Pilar Stella Ingargiola, and Meghann Flynn Beer
August, 2012

Best Practices and Emerging Trends in Advocacy Grantmaking

Tanya Beer discusses how funders can best design their funding strategies and auxiliary activities to support successful advocacy.

Tanya Beer
March, 2012

Shaking the Tree: Evaluating Programs that Combine Services and Advocacy

Rhonda Schlangen examines how service-delivery organizations conducting advocacy should think about monitoring and evaluating their work.

Rhonda Schlangen
February, 2012

Advocacy Evaluation Case Study: The Chalkboard Project

Anne Gienapp and Carolyn Cohen profile their prospective evaluation of an Oregon K-12 education reform effort.

Anne Gienapp and Carolyn Cohen
October, 2011

Advocacy Evaluation Update #12

Our Fall 2011 issue offers several articles that critically examine the advocacy evaluation field’s status and development, as well as the direction it is headed.

Center for Evaluation Innovation
October, 2011