Recent Publications

Shaking the Tree: Evaluating Programs that Combine Services and Advocacy

Rhonda Schlangen examines how service-delivery organizations conducting advocacy should think about monitoring and evaluating their work.

Rhonda Schlangen
February, 2012

Advocacy Evaluation Case Study: The Chalkboard Project

Anne Gienapp and Carolyn Cohen profile their prospective evaluation of an Oregon K-12 education reform effort.

Anne Gienapp and Carolyn Cohen
October, 2011

Advocacy Evaluation Update #12

Our Fall 2011 issue offers several articles that critically examine the advocacy evaluation field’s status and development, as well as the direction it is headed.

Center for Evaluation Innovation
October, 2011

Advocacy Evaluation Update #11

Our Summer 2011 newsletter focuses on the theme of interim outcomes. Interim outcomes signal whether advocacy efforts are making progress or whether midcourse corrections are needed. 

Center for Evaluation Innovation
August, 2011

Evaluation to Support Strategic Learning: Principles and Practices

Julia Coffman and Tanya Beer define the concept of evaluation for strategic learning and the principles that underlie it.

Julia Coffman and Tanya Beer
July, 2011

Looking Through the Right End of the Telescope

Jim Coe and Rhonda Schlangen critically assess the advocacy evaluation field and question whether its emphasis on new tools is best serving advocates.

Jim Coe and Rhonda Schlangen
July, 2011

Vision to Practice: Setting a New Course for Early Childhood Governance

A brief on the current status of efforts to build governance for comprehensive early childhood systems.

Stacie Goffin, Jana Martella, Julia Coffman
January, 2011

Social Movements and Philanthropy: How Foundations Can Support Movement Building

In this article in The Foundation Review, Center advisor Barbara Masters and co-author Torie Osborn describe how to support and evaluate social movements. 

Barbara Masters
November, 2010