Recent Publications

Advocacy Evaluation Update #10

Our September 2010 newsletter offers articles on advocacy evaluation and rigor; the evaluation of an international pediatric HIV/AIDS campaign; and a useful advocacy evaluation planning tool.

September, 2010

Using a Social Justice Lens in Advocacy Evaluation

South African and U.S.consultant Barbara Klugman discusses how to incorporate the concept of social justice and its underlying values into advocacy evaluation.

Barbara Klugman
August, 2010

Measuring Impact in Practice: A Case Study of The Humane Society of the United States

Beth Rosen Cohen describes how the nation’s largest animal protection organization developed an impact framework to capture its advocacy and direct service outcomes.

Beth Rosen Cohen
August, 2010

Champions and "Champion-ness": Measuring Efforts to Create Champions for Policy Change

David Devlin-Foltz and Lisa Molinaro of Continuous Progress Strategic Services describe their tool for tracking progress in engaging champions.

David Devlin-Foltz and Lisa Molinaro
August, 2010

Assessing Nonprofits' Communications Capacity: An Online Self-Assessment Tool

This article from The Foundation Review introduces a tool that can help nonprofits and their foundation supporters determine the strengths and weaknesses of their communications efforts and how to improve them.

Anne Whatley, R. Christine Hershey, Julia Coffman, Andre Oliver
August, 2010

Early Childhood System Building from a Community Perspective

In this brief from The Colorado Trust, Julia Coffman and Susan Parker explain what it means to build an early childhood system in local communities, and how this kind of systems effort differs from direct services and program delivery.

Julia Coffman and Susan Parker
April, 2010

Broadening the Perspective on Scale

This article in Harvard Family Research Project’s Spring 2010 issue of The Evaluation Exchange describes four approaches to scaling impact that differ on both what is scaled and how. May 2010

Julia Coffman
March, 2010

Advocacy Evaluation Update #9

This issue of our quarterly newsletter offers articles on why some issues generate political interest while others do not; a low-tech and hands-on method for network mapping; and ideas on evaluating community organizing.

Center for Evaluation Innovation and Innovation Network
March, 2010