About Us

We operate in the strategic space between philanthropy-serving organizations and evaluation firms that work in philanthropy.

We work with and support foundations that are aligned with our values, engaging in projects that help us to push and pull the sector forward

We are tuned in to the demands of the philanthropic sector, but are not passive respondents to it. We don’t just identify what is wrong, we focus on finding our way forward.

We move in agreement with the Equitable Evaluation Framework.

We have been collaborating with the Equitable Evaluation Initiative since co-authoring its initial framing paper in 2017. Our role is to be a provocateur and to challenge evaluation leadersboth within foundations and those supporting foundations from the outside—to adopt practices that add more value to the advancement of racial equity and justice. 

We prioritize partnerships and have open and supportive relationships with other evaluators working in philanthropy.

We are not proprietary and we encourage sharing that leads to field-wide advancement. We try to avoid competing with other groups for evaluation resources and keep our staffing lean so that we can collaborate.

"Evaluation is only partly about data. It's also about people. CEI excels at making real data meaningful to real people in real time. On the leading edge, they combine theory and practice, merging conventional basics with new directions. They bring data and people together, in the present to inform the future."

Michael Quinn Patton, Utilization-Focused Evaluation