Evaluation and Learning for Aligned Action: 2014 Evaluation Roundtable Convening

Published: July 2014

Type: Presentation

This presentation provides the context for the 2014 Evaluation Roundtable convening, as well as discussion outlines, benchmarking data, case examples, and key lessons and implications for evaluation and learning. 

Julia Coffman
Tanya Beer

The 2014 Evaluation Roundtable convening explored whether and how shifts in strategy mindset and practice occurring across the philanthropic sector, toward more emergence, complexity, and adaptation, call for critical changes in the role of evaluation and learning in foundations.

This presentation provides context and background for that discussion, diving into benchmarking data from 2012, and outlining discussion exercises.

The presentation also explores teaching cases that help illustrate the shifts in mindset that foundations are undergoing, considers key questions about the role and responsibility of evaluation, and discusses examples that highlight the implications for evaluation and learning.