Performance Measurement for Emergent and Complex Strategies [Webinar]

Published: February 2020

Type: Presentation


How can we track and improve performance towards complex goals such as reducing poverty, improving public health, or advancing human rights? What can funders reasonably measure and legitimately take credit for?

We invited Alnoor Ebrahim, professor of management at Tufts University, to talk with the Evaluation Roundtable network about his new book, Measuring Social Change: Performance and Accountability in a Complex World.

Learn about four types of strategies—niche, integrated, emergent, and ecosystem—and the types of performance measurement and accountability systems best suited to each. Learn what to measure, what kinds of performance systems to build, and how to align multiple demands for accountability.

The webinar has three main parts:

  1. Fundamentals of social change strategy (07:36)
  2. Four strategies for leaders of social change organizations (16:28)
  3. A deeper look at the Ecosystem Strategy (28:42)

Question moderation and commentary conducted by Tanya Beer. Access the webinar on our YouTube page. Additionally, the slides from the webinar are available to download above in PDF format.

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