Evaluating Networks for Social Change: A Casebook

Published: July 2014

Type: Publication

This casebook profiles nine evaluations of network effectiveness that are designed to fit with how networks develop and function.

Julia Coffman

In response to the growing interest of grantmakers and network builders, this casebook profiles nine evaluations that assess network effectiveness and expand what is known about assessment approaches that fit with how networks develop and function.

The foundations that supported the assessments aimed to accomplish one or more of the following:

  • Determine whether a network is achieving a desired change or outcome
  • Better understand the nature of a network’s needs and identify opportunities for supporting the network’s progress
  • Generate new knowledge for the social-change field by creating new understanding about what networks do best and how.

The casebook is based on extensive literature and document review of different types of networks, both domestically and internationally, and their evaluations; and interviews with funders, network practitioners, and evaluation experts. Ideas were vetted with leading network funders, practitioners, and evaluators.