Kat Athanasiades

Senior Associate
  portrait photo

Kat Athanasiades (she/hers) is Senior Associate at the Center for Evaluation Innovation. She brings over a decade of experience in learning, evaluation, and philanthropy, and leads CEI’s efforts to build intentional community in philanthropy to advance racial equity and justice. Kat specializes in emergent learning, advocacy evaluation, and network and systems evaluation. Prior to joining CEI, Kat was a senior team member at Innovation Network, a nonprofit evaluation consulting firm that supports the evaluation needs of foundations and nonprofits, where she led, wrote, and presented on evaluation and research engagements such as coalition and network assessment, immigration reform, and the state of nonprofit evaluation in the US. Before that, Kat was part of the impact assessment unit at the Ford Foundation, where she supported their evaluation and continuous learning programs. Kat holds a graduate degree in international affairs from Columbia University and an undergraduate degree in sociology and anthropology from Swarthmore College.