Advocacy & Public Policy

Much of our current work is focused on advocacy evaluation. We are helping to advance this emerging field, building on the tremendous growth that has occurred in recent years. We are working with many pioneering and creative advocates, evaluators, and funders who are fueling the field’s growth and, like us, are committed to growing it through collaboration.

Our focus is on expanding the advocacy evaluation field. This means commissioning and publishing new knowledge and tools. It also means developing training and learning opportunities for those who have a basic understanding of the field, but want to learn more so they can better apply it. We are also communicating and reaching out to the much larger group of individuals and organizations who still know very little about advocacy evaluation, but want to learn more about it.

Research and Publications
In collaboration with our network of colleagues, we publish resources on advocacy evaluation. They cover theory, methods, outcomes, and practice (case studies). See the Publications section of our website to access our growing list of advocacy evaluation resources.

Community of Practice
We are working with international NGOs engaged in advocacy work to develop a community of practice on advocacy evaluation. Sign up for email updates to receive upcoming news about the community and how to join.