Systems Change

We see systems change as a critical piece of building a more equitable and just future, one that accounts for the perspectives and experiences of those most affected by systems. We support philanthropy and other changemakers’ abilities to visualize and make sense of complex systems and to create new dynamics and patterns that lead to more equitable outcomes.

Foundation Learning and Evaluation

We research learning and evaluation practice in foundations and devote a big part of our work to helping shape it. We do much of this through the Evaluation Roundtable platform, where we introduce cutting-edge ideas, seed peer relationships, promote common standards and norms, and support the foundation leaders who guide this work.

Advocacy & Power Building

CEI was founded to help advance the advocacy evaluation field and we remain deeply committed to this goal. We examine the role of equity and power in advocacy and policy change efforts, asking "How can advocacy build power in addition to achieving wins?"

Strategic Learning

We view learning as a practice, a way of thinking and working, a set of capacities and habits that must be integrated into our day-to-day work. We have a deep body of work devoted to supporting more effective learning for organizations, teams, and individuals.