Strategic Learning


 Strategic learning is an approach to evaluation that we are helping to grow. Strategic learning means using evaluation to help organizations or groups learn quickly from their work so they can learn from and adapt their strategies. It means integrating evaluation and evaluative thinking into strategic decision making and bringing timely data to the table for reflection and use. It means making evaluation a part of the intervention—embedding it so that it influences the process.

We think strategic learning has tremendous potential, particularly for complex and dynamic change strategies. Our work is further defining this concept, increasing the field’s awareness about this approach, and developing resources and tools that evaluators can use to apply it. 


Research and Publications
We are developing a suite of resources on this topic. They include:

  • An introduction to the concept and how it is different from other types of evaluation
  • Case studies of strategic learning in practice
  • A compendium of strategic learning tools and methods

See our Publications section for available resources.