2021 Roundtable Convening: What It Was, What It Is, Who We Are Becoming

Evaluation Roundtable Gathering June 2021

We gathered to inform and guide us as we align our strategy, learning, and evaluation efforts in service to racial equity and justice.

Our desire to move toward justice means that we bring our whole person—head, heart, and hands—to this work. This gathering invited us to step into wholeness and ask:

What do folks want for their families, friends, and communities? What does a vision for health and well-being look like? How will we know when we are moving in the desired direction?

Anchored in Fighting Back, a longtime multisite initiative sponsored by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, we considered what it will take to share power and co-create solutions to seemingly intractable challenges such as addiction. We named ways philanthropic strategy, learning, and evaluation can partner to make necessary shifts. We deepened and expanded our sense of community as practitioners in philanthropy who are committed to advancing racial equity and justice.

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