Precipitating Events and Rewards in Making a Habit of Learning

Better learning habits are critical to improving philanthropic practice. This piece looks at what needs to happen before and after habit change to make a new way of working stick.

As part of an effort to better understand the habits and factors that impede and enhance learning across the philanthropic sector, this article raises questions about what comes before and after habit transformation and how that can help build better learning habits.  

If foundations are more effective when they are better at learning, what precipitating factors might help foundation staff adopt better learning habits? 

How can we trigger a precipitating event or capitalize on existing ones?

Are there specific times in the life of a foundation when it would be easier to shift habits, when more people would recognize the need to change?

And how good to rewards need to be to incentivize individuals and teams to make new habits stick? These questions and more are explored in this article on Medium.