Why is Evaluation So White?

Published: May 2020

Type: Presentation


Video edited for conciseness.

Why is Evaluation So White? Green Header. Please cite as: Shanker, V. and De La Rosa Mateo, C. (2020). Why is Evaluation So White? Center for Evaluation Innovation Evaluation Roundtable. MN IBPOC in Evaluation Community of Praxis: Minneapolis, Minnesota

In this presentation, Vidhya Shanker, PhD, and Carolina De La Rosa Mateo, MPH, explore how the field of evaluation has approached race, the implications of that approach, and the promise of generative networks to amplify the work of evaluators who identify as Indigenous, Black, or People of Color (IBPOC), as illustrated by one such network recently formed in Minnesota. Specifically, the webinar discusses whiteness with respect to the evaluation field’s 

  1. demographic composition,
  2. scholarship, and
  3. practice, through the eyes of IBPOC practitioners.

Download a written PDF summary of this webinar above. 


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