Dr. Albertina Lopez

  portrait photo

Dr. Albertina Lopez (she/hers) is Director at the Center for Evaluation Innovation. She oversees CEI’s Benchmarking Research on Foundation Learning and Evaluation Practices and provides leadership and support across CEI’s strategy, learning, and evaluation projects. Her expertise lies in justice-oriented evaluation, organizational development and learning, and inclusive facilitation. Before joining CEI, Dr. Lopez worked with Kaiser Permanente’s Community Benefit in Southern California, where she managed projects within the organization’s grantmaking department focusing on evaluation, learning, and strategic planning. Prior to that, she collaborated with nonprofits as a consultant at the Claremont Evaluation Center, aiding them in advancing their missions. Albertina has a Ph.D. from Claremont Graduate University in evaluation, applied research methods, and organizational behavior. Her academic journey also includes an undergraduate degree from San Jose State University in psychology and philosophy and an associate’s degree in special education from Broward Community College.