Learning Habits for Equity

Published: May 2024

Type: Publication

Bringing an equity and values-based lens to five learning habits.

Julia Coffman, Headshot
Albertina Lopez

Six years ago, we published 5-A-Day: Learning by Force of Habit as a response to a change we were seeing in philanthropy. Typically relying on traditional methods of measurement and evaluation, philanthropy had become increasingly aware of how collective and organizational learning could lead to greater and deeper impact.

When we first developed this piece, we didn’t yet have an organizational, values-based position. It wasn’t until 2019 that CEI adopted a set of core values that guide our work, relationships, and learning, with racial equity and justice leading the way.

With that in mind, we revisited the 5 Learning Habits and created a complementary guide on how to use them to advance learning for equity. Revisiting each habit, this piece offers recommendations for how to use the habit to advance equity and practice questions to consider as you go.

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