Recent Publications

How Do You Measure Up? Finding Fit Between Foundations and Their Evaluation Functions

Julia Coffman and Tanya Beer pose questions foundations can ask to assess what they need from an evaluation function, and common areas of misalignment between foundation needs and their approaches.

Julia Coffman and Tanya Beer
November, 2016

No More Half Measures

Scott Downes explores how funders can support policy campaigns while also building advocacy capacity, instead of just picking one approach or the other.

Scott Downes
October, 2016

Benchmarking Foundation Evaluation Practices

Our most comprehensive data collection effort to date on evaluation practices at foundations, developed with the Center for Effective Philanthropy.

September, 2016

Measuring Political Will: Lessons from Modifying the Policymaker Ratings Method

Shares three scenarios where the method was modified to show lessons about the tool, the process, and the kinds of products that can be created.

Sarah Stachowiak, Sara Afflerback, Melissa Howlett
April, 2016

Strategy Design Amid Complexity: Tools for Designing and Implementing Adaptive Funding Strategies

This Foundation Review article offers tools to help foundations design adaptive strategies, and ideas for balancing accountability with adaptability. 

Erica Snow, Jewlya Lynn, Tanya Beer
July, 2015

Network Evaluation in Practice: Approaches and Applications

This Foundation Review article offers a three pillar framework for evaluating networks focused on network connectivity, health, and results. 

Madeleine Taylor, Anne Whatley, Julia Coffman
July, 2015

Atlas Learning Project Announcement

A new three-year effort supported by The Atlantic Philanthropies to synthesize and strategically communicate lessons from the advocacy and policy change efforts that Atlantic and other funders have supported in the U.S.

April, 2015

Four Tools for Assessing Grantee Contribution to Advocacy Efforts

Four tools that funders can use to get a better handle on a grantee’s contribution to an advocacy effort. 

Tanya Beer and Julia Coffman
March, 2015